EKSO Bionics project

Woman walks with an exoskeleton in the FLM

The exoskeleton of EKSO Bionics brand is a device that allows standing and walking to users with partial or complete paralysis of the lower limbs, including those with spinal cord injury. Through the therapy with this exoskeleton are achieved previously impossible goals in spinal cord injury therapy rehabilitation.

The FLM is one of the four centers of Spain that has this technology, and the only one in Madrid. It also participates in a clinical trial at European level with other centers about the effect of rehabilitation therapy with this device in patients with spinal cord injury. Through the collection of information and monitoring of users, it will get improve and establish more concreteness and marked targets, as well as further information concerning the improvement and the effects of the use of this device in rehabilitation therapy.

For more information about this study or the use of EKSO Bionics exoskeleton device in rehabilitation therapy, contact us through the contact form.