TUTORS Project - Network for promoting the personal autonomy for people with Spinal Cord Injury

In August 2013 began the International Project TUTORS. The project is done along with Turkish organizations, and financed and overseen by control bodies of the Turkish government. The expected end date of this action will be December 2014, although knowledge will last for the development of supporting documentation to be translated into Turkish and English, for free distribution.

The activities includes the possibility of the creation of documentation to transfer the tutoring program to any country based on the users' experience with the program and their experiences and opinions.

The collaboration with the associations of Turkey in this project has opened the door to contacts with other countries in order to participate in other international projects. Therefore, the FLM continues in collaboration with other associations to work on employability, accessibility, integration and promotion of independent living.

Such collaborations will enrich the knowledge of both FLM professionals and project partners, were transferred then to the associations to which they belong and to the FLM with the ultimate aim of improving the experience and the areas mentioned above for the users.

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Visit of the delegation of Spain to Turkey.