The Workshops are the soul of the Day-care Center, places where you can reinvent yourself and discover new skills and abilities through our courses and activities.

The four workshops of the FLM, interact among themselves seeking activities with a common goal: participation and integration.

See you there!

The role of the Workshops of the FLM is to provide courses for improving the attitudes of each individual with diferent goals:

• Achieve personal fulfillment encouraging creativity, self-esteem, initiative and teamwork.
• Promote the development of initiatives for labor insertion.
• Promote access to new technologies and Internet as tools of communication, thereby encouraging empowerment for social inclusion of the person with spinal cord injury.


Plastic Expression Workshop

In the Plastic Expression Workshop we offer the possibility to enjoy a space where you can express yourself freely, make this artistic project that you always dreamed but you could not find neither the place nor the time. You can experiment, innovate, produce, transform and create.

You will have the opportunity to share concerns and experiences with your classmates, to learn techniques that will serve you as a tool for your own creative process. You will be part of a consolidated group and can participate in projects, competitions and collaborations.

Usuario de la Fundación del Lesionado Medular pintando en la Escuela de Expresión Plástica
Usuario de la Escuela de Audiovisuales realizando una grabación de video

Audiovisual Workshop

In this space you will discover how the world of cinema is. You will learn to make your own movies since its beginning: the literary script elaboration, production planning, directing, cinematography, editing, sound, camera, assistant director and special effects.

All the knowledge and High-Definition digital techniques within your reach to learn to develop your creativity. Feel part of a technical team of audiovisual production and let your imagination run free.

You can see some of our short films and videos on our Youtube channel.


Radio Workshop

In the Radio Workshop you will learn the art of playing with your voice and words. A space where you can give full rein to your creativity and interests through writing, theater, literature, editing and technique.

You will learn to be a real radio announcer, voice actor or journalist, you will discover the secret of the audio editing and can be sound technician. All of this surrounded by a great team that will supports you in your learning and with whom to share your concerns.

You can see a report about the work we do on the radio in the right image and listen our programs on our blog by clicking here.

Usuarios de la FLM reciben clases Informática frente a los ordenadores

ICT Workshop (Information and Communications Technologies)

In the ICT Workshop of the FLM you can get started in the world of computers, expand your knowledge and /or improve your skills. You will learn from the most basic to the most innovative and current, always using a simple dynamic and accordance with all levels.

Our classroom has various accessibility devices, suitable for all types of users, which will take you to the technological world in which we live.

If you are willing to learn more, do not hesitate to visit us.