Social Work

The Social Work Department cut across the FLM. This means that since the moment when a person makes contact with the Foundation, we attend to their demands and needs, as well as those who have their relatives.

The performance of our work includes both direct intervention, within centres and services, and indirect, in the context of relationships with other entities that may be related (private entities, municipal, regional, sanitary…).

Social Work Services

We are the open door of the FLM.

Here we attend you for different issues, whether you are a person with spinal cord injury, a relative or professional interested.

We inform you of all the services provided by the FLM and its entrance requirements.

Here you can find the required forms you need if you are interested in processing an application.

We guide and advise you on issues related to disability and recognition of level of dependence, as well as issues related to benefits, social assistance and other resources.

We listen and try to solve your doubts that sometimes, become our own, and try to find the answers with you.

FLM's open door to the world