The person with spinal cord injury have physical and personal losses, feeling that his/her project of life is turned upside down, having an impact greater or lesser extent in all areas of his/her life: working life, social life, family life, leisure, intimate relations…

In the FLM we can help you to restructure your life areas. External supports will be very important, those of the family, friends and professionals, that help to reduce the impact of the changes that the spinal cord injury has caused. It is essential a period of adaptation to a new lifestyle.

Psychological Rehabilitation

Psychology team for rehabilitation listening to the users of the FLMThe psychological rehabilitation that we offer in the FLM has as main objective that the person with spinal cord injury gets to have a new life project, perceiving quality of life according to the new situation that exists, different from what it was before the injury, but dignified in the present reality.


Return home involves deal with different handicaps to already existing: inaccessibility of cities, buildings, workplaces and leisure... all this involves continue recycling himself/herself and try to get the person's life makes sense with the effects that spinal cord injury has left.


From psychology for the rehabilitation, we will try to achieve the highest personal, family, social, occupational and labor integration. We work with the person to achieve an optimal self-esteem, in order to retrieve to the greatest extent possible the activities and occupations that previously had and change those can no longer perform.

To carry out this goal, we offer services that are adapted to the needs and demands of each person.


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Therapy Services:


Individual therapy: For people who are in the process of acceptance and adaptation to the spinal cord injury.

Family therapies: helps the family in the process of dealing with the injury, accepting it, understanding it and adapting to the new situation.

Couple therapy: resolution of couple and sexual problems, that need to be restructured.

Group therapy: psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic groups.

Resolution of occasional problems: in the FLM psychology department you will find attention to your demands whenever you require them.