Our team of physiotherapists, with training and experience of over 20 years will be available for you at any moment to advise and attend to your concerns regarding the Spinal Cord Injury and design plans tailored to your needs.

We have a team of 6 physiotherapists, with wide experience in Spinal Cord Injury. We design individual or group personalized treatments, thus ensuring that your performance is the maximum possible.

The Physiotherapy Department of the FLM is equipped with the latest technology, offering multiple services that will enable the achievement or attainment of the desired objectives.

To achieve our goals we have distributed the treatment in 4 specific areas:
FLM user walking in exoskeleton.

Gait training and standing. Exoskeleton

Depending on your possibilities and according to the medical treatment, this section provides a gradual return to standing and/or walking. As physiotherapists, we know your concerns about this process, that is why accompanied with a physiotherapist you will work with tolerance and adaptation to standing and balance. You can work the transition parallel-walker-crutches. You will also be instructed in a most effective gait training according to your possibilities.

In this area you will find inclined planes, standing devices, parallel and mobile dynamic suspension system to reduce the weight load, Biodex. We also have an Exoskeleton, Ekso Bionics TM brand, among others. Possibility to test technical products to attend gait and products to improve trunk control and balance as Wii, Kinect, Dynavision, etc.


Fitness: Therapeutic exercises

It is important to keep your residual muscle, as well as the resistance effort. That is why you can work here to maintain or gain muscle power, as a group, guided by a physiotherapist. In short, maintain a good physical condition that allows you to face your daily activities.

In our fitness or therapeutic exercises area, you can work with dumbbells, elastic bands, pulleys, weights, mats, etc.

FLM user performing strengthening exercises
A physiotherapist making a kinesiotherapy exercise to a FLM user


In this specific area you will learn the necessary techniques to care and/or keep your body in the best conditions, following different modalities, and according to the medical prescription.



Treatment of secondary injuries to the spinal cord injury:

It is known there are secondary lesions that appears with the spinal cord injury, such as: tendonitis, contractures, respiratory problems, etc. That is why in the Physiotherapy Department you will find physiotherapists trained in the latest treatment techniques to attend to what might arise.

Treatment of secondary lesions: Shockwaves, laser, magnet therapy, short waves, microwaves, electrostimulation treatment, infrared, etc.

User of the FLM using magnet therapy equipment

Our team

The team of physiotherapists is formed by 6 professionals specialized in spinal cord injury. Under the supervision of the medical team, they will apply the most appropriate therapies for each patient.

Team of physiotherapists of the FLM