Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

A spinal cord injury means a lot more than just the loss of mobility. Our Medical Service knows this, and offers all the users of FLM the most updated knowledge and treatments in the field of spinal cord injury.

Full commitment

Our doctors will evaluate each case individually, looking for the answers to each person’s questions and needs. They will look for improvements and alternatives in the treatments for all the fields where they can be applied.

All treatments will be personalized, according to the characteristics and preferences of each individual, and always in agreement with the user. The procedures and objectives will be agreed between the team and the user, as well as the process to work towards them.

Our commitment is towards people. We will work as a team with the person with SCI and the rest of the team of FLM to reach the highest level of professionalism and effectivity, whilst keeping our users on the loop about their treatment and evolution.


Medical Complications

The treatment of medical complications derivated from SCI is our main objective. We look for therapeutic alternatives in those aspects directly or indirectly related to SCI and its sequelae. 


  • SPASTICITYwe are experts in the different treatments for spasticity; we can evaluate your possibilities and alternatives and offer the most suitable treatment, whether in our facilities or offered by third parties.
  • PRESSURE ULCERS: ulcers caused by an excessive pressure are a frequent complication that requires a specific treatment. 
  • SPHINCTER CONTROL: either vesical or intestinal, we offer orientation and training on the control methods. We will help you to prevent any complications and to treat them and evaluate their impact if they occur.
  • PAIN: either mechanical (tendonitis, overload) or neurophatical, we are experts in the assessment of specific medication, evaluating any possible incompatibilitities or non-desired effects
  • SEXUALITY AND FERTILITY: we have a separate unit for this wide and important area of the life of our users. Our experts have more than 30 years of experience in this area
  • OTHER COMPLICATIONS: digestive problems, osteoporosis, ligament injury, and many other pathologies can be assessed and treated, according the needs the person with SCI.
One of our doctors with an FLM user in the medical office.


One of the most important parts of our treatments is the knowledge of our users about spinal cord injury and its physical implications. Our medical team will offer the most updated information about common complications and how to avoid, treat or improve them.